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Friday, September 14, 2012



Chad Johnson Finally Gets a Clue

Picture courtesy of Freep

Via TMZ:

Chad Johnson filed the papers yesterday in a Florida court ... in response to the docs Evelyn filed back on August 14. In his papers, Chad admits the two have a prenup that he believes should be enforced -- especially the part about who pays for the lawyers.According to the docs, Johnson wants a judge to BLOCK Evelyn's request that Chad foot the bill for her legal fees ... citing a provision in the prenup in which the two sides agreed to pay their own way if they were to split up.

It looks like Chad is finally figuring out he was used.  Hopefully he gets it together quickly.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Getting Her Own Reality Show?

Picutre courtesy of The Hollywood Gossip

I did not like this chick, and truth be told, I still don’t think I like her, mainly because she just rubs me the wrong way.  However, I might watch her show, at least the first episode, to see what it’s like.

Goodbye Teen Mom… Hello spin-off series!According to Us WeeklyFarrah Abraham‘s reality television career is just beginning as the 20-year-old mama is almost finished finalizing a deal to star in her own reality spinoff.
“I’m just closing on it,” Farrah says. “It’s gonna be just about me and my life.”

Ok, my issue with this chick was how mean she was to her mom, personally, I never saw anything wrong with her mom, and I always felt like her mom didn’t deserve to be treated the way Farrah treated her, not to mention, the chick got a boob job, claiming it would be beneficial to her and her daughter’s life.   Yeah, let that marinate. Oh and I would like to point out, notice how she said nothing about the show including her daughter.  Where the heck is her daughter while Farrah is off filming about her and her life?

Why is Gucci Mane Mad At Rasheeda and Kirk?

Picture courtesy of Gawker

So apparently on Gucci Mane’s new track “Shook Them Haters Off”, he raps about Rasheeda and Kirk.

Gucci raps,

“You the type a b**ch old as hell still tryna rap, and I’m the type a n***a young as hell an I run the trap, now you the type a freak say lick your Georgia PEACH, you married to a lame and dat lame don’t wont no BEEF.”

Former Americas Next Top Model Winner Has Beef with Tyra

Picture courtesy of CW

I’ve actually read this about Tyra from other contestants and winners as well.

CariDee English, 27, who won the show's seventh season, has told how the experience has impacted her mental health and despite being crowned 'Top Model' she's struggled to get people in the fashion industry to take her seriously.

Coolio’s Son Going to Prison

Picture courtesy of Examiner

I used to love Coolio back in the day.

Via TMZ:

Coolio's son Grtis Ivey -- who appeared on the family reality show "Coolio's Rules" -- has just been sentenced to prison for robbing an apartment in Vegas with a lady hooker friend ... and he could be locked up for 10 YEARS.